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Stacey Harris, Diabetic Pastry Chefdiabetic-pastry-chef-aAbout The Diabetic Pastry Chef

—Top 50 Global Diabetes Industry Leader, Expert, Author & Pastry Chef, Stacey Harris


I’m Stacey Harrisknown as The Diabetic Pastry Chef™—a Top 50 Global Diabetes Industry Leader, featured by the American Diabetes Association® and Diabetic Living®.

Shortly after attending culinary school to become a pastry chef, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Mercy!

I was devastated, as I absolutely loved to bake and loved to eat sweets. I experimented with a lot of artificial sugar-free sweeteners and was mainly disappointed with the results. I thought, there has to be a better way to bake great tasting products from my kitchen that will be enjoyable for diabetics to eat. After many experiments, I developed a formula that consistently turned out delicious confections that even non-diabetics love!


As a health-conscious pastry chef, my goal is NOT to have the lowest-carb products on the market—but to substantially lower the carbs without affecting quality or taste.

Note: At this time, I do not offer or customize gluten-free pastries or desserts.



My baked goods are made in a licensed and inspected commercial kitchen.


You don’t have to be diabetic to enjoy my delicious sugar-free pastries & confections. Everyone with good taste is welcome.

I do not make or decorate wedding or birthday cakes at this time.

As a pastry chef specializing in sugar-free pastries and desserts, I do not specialize in cake decorating and cannot ship frosted cakes.
I do offer a range of cupcakes, cakelets, cake truffles, petits-fours and other attractive and delicious cake options!

The Diabetic Pastry Chef™ Cookbook

My cookbook has been released by my publisher, Pelican Publishing Company (now Arcadia Publishing), and is in bookstores worldwide, including via online booksellers.

A signed copy of my COOKBOOK can be ordered online!


There is a point that I find important to address that we occasionally get asked upon first glance:

Why is there sugar anywhere in this cookbook?

The simple answer: Reduced-sugar recipes are more appealing to those who are reluctant to yet go sugar-free; some prefer to taper off of sugar. Not everyone is going to want to adopt a sugar-free lifestyle from the word jump.

Gradual steps ensure success; this cookbook walks you through your journey to being sugar-free. 

Or maybe you just want to reduce your sugar intake as a lifestyle; that is an option, too.

Further, diabetics have families; the entire family in the home may not want to go sugar-free. Maybe they’d like to support the diabetic in their life by showing solidarity and try reducing their sugar intake rather than go sugar-free.

This mainly sugar-free cookbook was written with all of the above scenarios in mind; everyone is different with different needs and desires.

– – –


For the millions of individuals worldwide living with diabetes, indulging in decadent desserts is no longer out of reach.

Stacey Harris, a renowned figure in the diabetes industry, has revolutionized over 200 dessert recipes, transforming them into diabetic-friendly delights that cater to a global audience. Harris generously shares the secrets behind her simple yet effective formula, allowing individuals to effortlessly adapt any recipe into a lower-carb alternative without compromising on taste or quality.

Now, diabetics across the globe can savor the exquisite flavors of Chocolate Truffle Cookies, Pavlova, Crème Brûlée, Coffee Bread Pudding and an extensive array of other delectable treats—because everyone deserves sweets!™

From this groundbreaking reduced-sugar and sugar-free cookbook—which serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals at every stage of their sugar-free journey—Stacey Harris epitomizes a true visionary committed to making a difference.

The Diabetic Pastry Chef™ book is a thoughtful and “tasteful” gift. Your loved ones will love it!